HDX Objectives

HDX Objectives

Program Objectives

The program in Happy Digital X will contribute to the development of Indonesian and Southeast Asian cities, systems, products, and services and help the region to:

  • Develop urban plans that meet civic goals and foster happiness in the community.
  • Promote sustainable development in the operation of cities including its systems, products and services.
  • Prepare a cadre of educated digital experts, entrepreneurs and transformative leaders, in the domains of Happy Digital X.
  • Develop a referenceable roadmap for ICT deployment.

As the program evolves, we envision it will also:

  • Facilitate the digital transformation process towards happy digital cities, in the form of research, mentoring/consulting, and capacity building.
  • Collaborate with governments to create pilots for digital urban transformation initiatives.


The program is the right choice for professionals seeking to develop their competence, specifically:

  • Leaders and top talents in the private sector looking to understand how to manage their data assets for sustainable digital transformation.
  • ICT experts and practitioners with a calling to apply your skills to solve society’s most pressing problems with other stakeholder actors.
  • Urban planners and designers seeking to understand how to develop happy digital cities as complex systems in harmony with nature, people, and spirit.
  • Doers and decision makers in the central and regional government seeking to equip themselves with the right mindset and skills for ensuring that the digital transformation delivers value to the public.
  • Top talents in university and academia seeking to network and collaborate with other actors in the system for applying their expertise to address our most pressing societal issues.

Success Indicators

  • Strong calling and commitment to better and develop your institution, community, and city.
  • Have working experience in the development of systems, cities, products or services in solving complex SDGs challenges with other stakeholders.
  • Hold at least a Bachelor’s degree with minimum passive English proficiency.
  • Possess operational familiarity with computers, application-level software use, and internet-based platforms.
  • Can commit to the time required for full and active participation in all program activities.

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