Challenge Projects


Happy Digital X projects are critical components of the learning experience. They provide a real-world laboratory for participants to apply the learned principles, skills, and tools on a real complex challenge involving real stakeholders. These projects also serve as a bridge that allows the program to produce solutions and relevant skilled workforce. Most fundamentally, project outcomes also serve as our contribution to solving the grand challenges of our time.

Reflecting this spirit, challenge projects are oriented towards the UN SDGs, and influenced by the vision and mission of Tsinghua SEA. They are carefully selected from authentic problems offered by our stakeholders to reflect Happy Digital X key themes of happiness and sustainability, ICT transformation, and local projects with global impacts. The topics covered by HDX 2.0 challenge projects may include:

  • Informal Urban Housing
  • Digital Economic Divide
  • Information Alerts
  • Regional Machine Learning Data Sets
  • Food Security & Sovereignty
  • Reducing Plastic Pollution
  • Healthcare Big Data Analysis
  • Smart City ICT Standards
  • Technopark for Innovation & Happiness
  • CT & Tourism

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