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Our goal is to educate data-aware professionals from various backgrounds, with the capacity to capture macro-level systems stories and patterns, identify problems and design solutions, and compose scalable solutions using ICT-enabled data management tools.

The program curriculum comprises of six threads, each with a set of knowledge, tools, and skills that culminates in challenge-oriented projects where participants will apply a combination of approaches to design and prototype implementable solutions to the grand challenges

HDX Curriculum 2


The challenge-motivated approach to curriculum design allows the Happy Digital X program to offer a cutting-edge learning experience that gives a learner-centric blended learning method. Each thread will have the following sequence:
Seminar sessions to understand the context: grand challenges facing society, with world-renown experts offering global views and the needs of the involved stakeholders.
Introduction to Thread
An introduction session that will equip participants with knowledge and skills to contextualize the grand challenges into more feasible project-scale challenges.
Skill Development Modules
Modules where participants will learn the necessary skills, tools and framework to address the challenges.
Challenge Project Work
Mentorship with world-wide experts to help participants address challenges in impactful projects towards implementable solutions.

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