Program Design and Topics

Tsinghua Southeast Asia Center at the United In Diversity Bali Campus recognizes that societies and cities face pressing issues, or “grand challenges”. The Happy Digital X learning experience is designed so participants can develop the skills to contribute to solving these challenges.

To do this, the program curriculum comprises of six “threads”, each with a set of knowledge, tools, and skills that culminates in challenge-oriented projects where participants will apply a combination of approaches to design and prototype implementable solutions to the grand challenges.

This challenge-motivated approach to curriculum design allows the Happy Digital X program to offer a cutting-edge learning experience that gives a learner-centric blended learning method, with the following sequence:

1. Plenary

Participants will attend plenaries to understand the context of the grand challenges facing society, with world-renown experts offering global views on the challenges and the needs of the involved stakeholders.

2. Introduction to Thread

An introduction session that will equip participants with knowledge and skills to contextualize the grand challenges into more feasible project-scale challenges.

3. Skill Development Clinics

A clinic where participants will develop the necessary tools and skills to address the challenges.

4. Action Learning

Mentorship with world-wide experts to help participants address challenges in impactful projects towards implementable solutions.

The Happy Digital X program starts with an inaugural pilot for a four-month professional education certificate program, scheduled to be conducted from 29 March to 30 July 2021. Adapting to the current limitations on travel and in-person gatherings, the program will be offered in fully online format.

The total learning time is 60 hours of virtual class. The program is split into three segments of 4 weeks, with a rest week between segments. The flow of the segments would be:

1. Forming groups, learning fundamentals in survey courses, sustainability, happiness, leadership, intro to projects, learning design;

2. Resource for skills, ramp-up of projects;

3. Complete project while accessing resources.

The program arrangement is tentative and subject to changes according to actual situation.


Happy Digital X projects are derived from the UN SDGs and serve a number of important purposes. They allow participants to apply the learned principles, skills, and tools on a real complex challenge involving real stakeholders. Influenced by vision and mission of Tsinghua SEA and designed to reflect Happy Digital X key themes (i.e. happiness and sustainability, ICT transformation, and local projects with global impacts), these projects also capture real stakeholders needs. They thus serve as a bridge that allows the program to produce solutions and relevantly skilled workforce. Lastly, project outcomes also serve as our contribution to solving the grand challenges of our time, and to our goals of happiness and sustainability.