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Happy Digital X at a Glance

Happy digital cities are places where people are healthy and prosperous, the government serves, and businesses follow a strategy of better business better world through creation of systems, products, and services. Happy Digital X is an academic program of Tsinghua Southeast Asia Center in UID Bali Campus, Indonesia, set up to study and deliver best practices in these areas.

The program is designed for transformative leaders in the age of the fourth industrial revolution. Individuals selected to join will be immersed in learning with city planners, innovative entrepreneurs, system designers, product developers and digital experts. They will form new collaborative networks, mindsets, practice, and co-create the next generation of happy and sustainable communities integrating data, AI, ICT, products and services. The bookends of the program are happiness and sustainability, and it is designed to contribute to the post-pandemic economic recovery.

Sustainable cities, systems, products and services are those that evolve in such a way that resources used today also are available in the future. Sustainable cities emphasize long term sustainability and resiliency of capital investments, plans and constructions, while also emphasizing near- to mid-term sustainability of infrastructure systems and consumable products and services.

Happy Digital X’s definition of “happiness” is clear, and is built upon the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the ancient principle of happiness that exists in cultures across the world. In Bali, where the Happy Digital X program will be hosted, it is known as Tri Hita Karana (Three Ways to Happiness) in which triple pathways to happiness arises from harmony with nature, harmony among people, and harmony with spirit (i.e. spiritual-emotional wellbeing).

The alignement of Tri Hita Karana and the SDGs

The program also focuses on digital transformation in cities. The experienced sensation of the city, generating massive amounts of data while preserving privacy and data security. Data needs to be curated and made available in support of the operational and planning decisions of city governments, service providers and individuals.

The program in Happy Digital X will contribute to the development of Indonesian and regional cities, systems, products, and services cities, systems, products and services, and make efficient use of resources. It will help the nation to:

• Develop urban plans that meet civic goals and fosters happiness in the community;
• Promote sustainable development in the operation of cities including its systems, products, and services;
• Prepare a cadre of educated digital experts, entrepreneurs, and transformative leaders, in the domains of Happy Digital X, as we define them;
• Develop a referenceable roadmap for ICT deployment.

As the program evolved, we envision that it will also:
• Facilitate the digital transformation process towards happy digital cities, in the form of research, mentoring/consulting, and training/capacity building;
• Collaborate with governments to create pilots for a digital urban transformation initiative.

Learn more about our Program Design and Topics, to find out how these aspects are integrated into the program.