Fees and Payment

The program fees are USD 6,900/IDR 97,000,000 for participants from business sector and USD 5,900/IDR 83,000,000 for non-profit and government institutions. It should be paid by the participants once they have passed the selection process.

The tuition as above is for the 2021 Pilot Program— an online program with offline orientation opportunities.

Full payment is due two weeks after Letter of Acceptance is sent to the admitted participants, and shall be paid to the bank accounts as below, with USD payment to the bank account in USD and IDR payment to the bank account in IDR.

Bank Account Name: Yayasan Tsinghua Southeast Asia
Bank Name: Bank Ganesha
Bank Address: Wisma Hayam Wuruk Lt. 1&2, JI. Hayam Wuruk No. 8, Jakarta Pusat 10120

Account Number: 0001-2-33370-0(USD)

Account Number: 0001-2-33367-0(IDR)